Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mend: Toddler Long Johns

Inspiration:  Super Simple Leggings from Make It-Love It!

What I made:  Toddler Long John Bottoms

It's cold!!!  Time to dig out the thermals...but I needed to make some for the kiddies.  I began my search for a old pair of thermals or sweatpants that I could upcycle into toddler ones.  Luck!  I found this pair of long john bottoms that were my husbands.  They don't fit him anymore, and they don't fit me either...and they're not my style or colour.

I began to look for a template, and I knew that Make It & Love It has a great post about leggings for kids.  I used this as my template for the thermal underwear.  I won't leave a tutorial here, because I followed the post's instructions, with two exceptions:

  • I hand sewed the thermals; the kids were up and little C is severely afraid of loud noises.  Seriously...she gets physically ill every time I use the vacuum cleaner.
  • I also gave the thermals a wider leg, because I liked the look of them.  
You can get one set of thermal bottoms out of an adult pair.  Here is the finished product, modeled on my son:

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