Monday, 10 December 2012

Do: Go paperless--Easy Baby Wipes Spray

I've been trying to go as paperless as I possibly can.  It's better for the environment, and better for your wallet, too.  I found myself using lots of baby wipes, and not just to wipe bottoms.  I started using them for anything...wiping countertops, quick dusting, and much more.  Not good, especially when we're trying to stick to a strict budget.  So, I've come up with an easy baby wipe spray to use for the little ones, and just use a good ol' cloth and cleaner for the rest!

To make the spray:

15 oz boiled water
1 Tbsp baby wash
1 Tbsp baby lotion
1 Tbsp oil--you can use baby oil, body oil, any type.  I used grapeseed oil, from the health market.  It was relatively inexpensive, and better than petroleum based baby oils.

1.  Put the boiled water in a large container.
2.  Add the baby wash, baby lotion and baby oil
3.  Mix thoroughly, and wait for it to cool.
4.  Once it has cooled, add to a spray bottle, and keep the rest in a closeable container.

And that's it!  

Definitely wait for the mixture to cool before transfering it to a spray bottle.  Unlike me...who got this in return...

I cut up a few flannel blankets to use for the wipes, in 5" by 3" rectangles.  Just give the bottle a shake, spray onto baby's bottom, and wipe!  Dispose of the waste in the toilet, and let the wipes soak in a bucket of laundry detergent, and perhaps a bit of bleach.  Wash as normal.

It's a fast, easy, and cheap alternative to store bought baby wipes.

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