Friday, 30 November 2012

RIP, my dear friend, my IPhone

My Iphone....has passed away.

I must have left it too close to the radiator is now a bulging mass of machinery.  It, surprisingly, still works...a little.  I was able to hurry and get all of my photos off of it.  That would have been a real tragedy--photos of my wee ones when there were very wee.  Newborn photos; photos of special times.  Photos that I thought, "eh, I'll put them on the computer someday soon."  Almost gone.  I'm just very glad that the Iphone can take a beating and snline ASAP, just in case my 3 year old laptop decides to kick the bucket.

You can see the bulging at the back

My phone in bits :(

Internal detail of the bulging

Another view

Goodbye, dear will be missed.

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